Gardening with Back Pain? Try these garden tools

Don’t let your back problems get in the way of your gardening goals. There may not be a simple tool to fix your back but there are some simple garden tools for bad backs that can make your gardening experience enjoyable again. Feel empowered in the garden again with these simple gardening tools and tips.  […]

Shovel vs Spade: The Small Differences Matter.

Unfortunately, the words “shovel” and “spade” have mistaken, reciprocal meanings creating a whole bunch of unnecessary confusion. Knowing which one to use will not only save time but also quite a bit of money. What’s more, knowing the difference between a shovel vs spade will make your garden projects run much more fluid and smooth, […]

Electric Lawn Mowers Quick Guide: Are They Any good?

Everything you need to know about an electric lawn mower.  If you want a clean and tidy house, cleaning just the inside isn’t enough. Sometimes, you might have to stand underneath the scorching heat to mow the lush-green lawn or pay an exorbitant amount to someone for doing the mowing work.  In this situation, the […]

10 Easy Expert ways to Reduce your Carbon Footprint

We all know we should be helping the environment by reducing our carbon footprints. We Brits that have gardens are usually wealthy than most so we can do more. As the world’s population rises, we are releasing more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere at a very fast pace. Climate change has been a topic for […]

Hedge Trimmer Versus Chainsaw: What Is the Best One for Your Garden?

If you have a lot of work to do in your garden and need to trim or cut a lot of bushes and trees, you might be wondering whether to use a hedge trimmer or go ahead and take out your trusty chainsaw. When it comes to a hedge trimmer vs. chainsaw, which one works […]

What Are the Best Gardening Tools for Weeding?

Weeding tools are invaluable in the gardening profession and since they do much more than just basic weeding jobs, this is one of the first tools you’ll need when you start your gardening business. Weeding tools are usually made out of steel and can withstand the elements easily, making every chore you are responsible for […]

What are the most common gardening mistakes?

Whether you grow plants, vegetables, or flowers, there is a lot more to being a good gardener than meets the eye. In fact, gardening is a hobby that continuously teaches you something new, and whether you’re new to this hobby or you’ve been doing it for years, there is always the possibility that you are […]

How to cut grass without a lawn mower?

If you have a lawn but you’re not crazy aboutthe idea of mowing the grass every weekend to keep it looking good, there isgood news. When it comes to keeping your grass looking its best without firingup the lawn mower weekly, you do have options. You may decide not to use thelawn mower because you […]