What is the Best Mulching Lawn Mower?


It’s a seductive vision. Your beautifully mown lawn stands in front of you, sunlight beaming across newly trimmed emerald green grass. You turn, your vision moving too, and the scene is ruined by a messy pile of grass clippings! There are just so many grass clippings!

No excess Grass cuttings in sight. Beautiful

That is always the problem with consistent lawn maintenance – what do you do with all of the leftover grass? 

Well, that’s where the mulching lawn mower comes in. You may see it referred to as a “self mulching lawn mower” or a “rotary lawn mower”, but these mean roughly the same thing. 

In this review I will first explain what exactly a mulching lawn mower does and what it is used for. After that I will compare four of the top products from around the internet, from a wide range of prices.

I will conclude by deciding which of these products would be best for the average end user.

So, read on to discover all you need to know about mulching lawn mowers!

What is a mulching lawn mower for?

A mulching lawn mower does exactly what it says on the tin. It mulches. 

“But what is mulching?” I hear you cry. When we mow our lawns, thousands upon thousands of grass clippings leap from our mowers onto the grass, unless a bulky containment box is there to pick them up. 

These containers are certainly handy, and useful cheap solutions to the problem of excess grass clippings. However, they increase the heft of your already heavy lawn mower dramatically over a long amount of time and can also be difficult to dispose of effectively. 

Mulching is the process of turning these clippings (alongside other natural plant matter picked up by the lawn mower) into something healthy and nutritious for your grass. 

Essentially, having a lawn mower that can also mulch gives you a huge advantage in caring for your lawn. This type of mower fertilises your grass behind it as it mows, scattering nutrients and other goodness atop your lawn.

This is done with an extra rotary blade inside the lawn mower, which the clippings are filtered through and mulched before being released onto the grass. 

Popular options.

In this next section, I will be taking you through some of the top options available online for rotary/mulching mowers. I have collated a range of prices, hopefully covering price points that account for many different consumer budgets. 

Fox Frisky 20″ Quad Cut Petrol Lawn Mower

The Quad Cut lawn mower from Fox Frisky comes with a great range of different lawn care features. The quad cut technology in the blade allows for a much more efficient slice of different grass types, including tougher rye grass you might face.

This more powerful blade is also more effective at mulching your excess grass clippings. As well as an inbuilt bag for storing clippings, there is a flap you can leave open for mulching and distributing as you mow.

The Fox Frisky 20″ Quad Cut is petrol powered, and you can purchase one online from Amazon for a great deal with free delivery.


Sprint 460SP Self-Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower 46cm, Briggs ; Stratton 500E

Briggs and Stratton have a very premium product here with the Sprint 460SP. At the highest price point you will see on our list, you would hope for this level of luxury and features. 

Included are the following tools for lawn care:

  • Ergonomic handle.
  • Propelled travel to lower user strength input required.
  • 4 setting clipping bag.
    • This is able to be set to store clippings, expel them from the side, or mulch first, and then expel.
  • 6 height settings for lawn cutting.

The Sprint 460SP is available on Amazon for a great deal with free delivery for Prime members. 

Grab a Sprint 460SP Self Propelled Mower here: BEST PRICE ON AMAZON

Greenworks Tools G40LM41K2X Cordless Lawn Mower

Greenworks Tools Cordless Lawn Mower is another great choice for a mulching lawnmower. 

This is an eco friendly option that is hard metal free, carbon free, and uses one battery that can be swapped in a modular fashion throughout any other Greenworks Tools products you purchase. 

Also included within this purchase is a 2 in one functionality that allows the mulching and redistributing of grass clippings. The bag that stores the clippings is 50 litres in volume.

The lawn mower is designed to be quiet, and delivers next to no extra emissions thanks to its specific eco friendly design. 

This lawn mower from Greenworks Tools is available for less than three hundred British pounds on Amazon and at the time of writing is discounted from over four hundred pounds from the original price. 

You can buy a Greenworks Tools Cordless Lawn Mower by following this link: CHECK BEST PRICE ON AMAZON NOW


Bosch Multi-Mulch for Rotak Mowers Rotak 37LI, Rotak 34LI, Rotak 37, and Rotak 34.

If you happen to have a Rotak Mower, this is a fun tool that works nicely with that type of motor. It picks up grass clippings from a regular storage bag and uses an innovative design to create a down draft that funnels the clippings onto the lawn.

It is an excellent tool to help “multi-mulch” your lawn, adding an extra layer to this type of mulching.

It is available on Amazon for £11.99 at the time of writing. 

Pick up a Bosh Multi-Mulch Rotak Mowers Application Tool through this handy link: BEST PRICE ON AMAZON

Greenworks Tools Cordless Lawnmower G40LM35



In conclusion, this review has found that mulching solutions are great for your lawn and for helping you sort out any excess clippings that might pile up during lawn care. 

Out of all the products reviewed here, I would recommend the Greenworks Cordless Lawn Mower. Alongside some excellent mulching tech, it has a no fuss and quick start battery system and the cordless aspect is exceptionally handy.

Storage is super easy, and its near lack of emissions is more attractive for lawn owners who do not want the smell of petrol or sound of a motor disrupting the beauty and peacefulness of their back garden. 

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