What tools are there for cutting long grass?

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to cutting grass, but when you’ve allowed your grass to get longer than usual, those methods may not work. Indeed, extra-long grass is a challenge regardless of the tools you use, but that doesn’t mean that cutting long grass has to be difficult. Whether you use a standard tool or you try something a little unique, there are certain steps you can take to make cutting long grass a lot easier on you so that you don’t get the aches and pains that usually come with cutting grass that is overgrown. Below are some steps you can take to make sure that overgrown grass becomes short again quickly.

  1. Make Sure You Remove the Top Layer of Grass First

If your grass is too long, you can’t just get in there and start mowing with your lawn mower. Instead, you have to trim the top layer of grass first, which you can do by buying a scythe and using that instead. Let’s face it, this task is going to be a challenge regardless of what you do, but a good Austrian scythe will easily and quickly cut through grass that is up to one metre thick. Use this tool to take off layer after layer of grass until it gets down to a size that is manageable with the lawn mower. After you trim up the entire garden, go ahead and give it a good watering then leave it alone for about a week.

  1. Retrim the Lawn to Get it Even Shorter

After the week is up, your grass is likely ready to be cut with the lawn mower; however, you should start by setting the lawn mower on its highest setting and use that to cut the grass first. When you go over the grass the first time, it might not look all that great, but it will look good eventually. If your grass is particularly challenging to mow or your garden is very large, a gas lawn mower will likely work best, while electric mowers are good for smaller gardens and less challenging grass. The main goal at this point should be to make sure the grass is even, and you can do this with the appropriate lawn mower to accommodate the job.

  1. Scarify, or Score the Lawn

With a scarifying rake, rake the lawn one metre at a time, scarifying it in a rough manner so as to get the job done properly. With this step, the goal is to remove weeds, moss, and whatever else is on your lawn so you can prepare for the next step of the process. You can even hire a machine to do the job for you, although most people will simply purchase a scarifying rake and use it to do the job correctly. In any case, you’ll want to make sure the lawn is as “clean” as possible and free from debris before you go any further.

  1. Handle the Drainage Problem Next

At this point, you should take care of any drainage problems you may be having with your garden. You can check this by determining if any areas in your lawn are continuously wet. If they are, it usually means you have a drainage problem. Fortunately, getting rid of the problem is easier than you think. The best thing to do is visit each wet area and start by taking a garden fork and prodding over that area. Next, simply add sand into the lawn to fill up any holes, which also creates a drainage solution. Just like a few other steps in this process, you can even hire a machine to do this work for you, but it is often simpler and less time-consuming to do it by hand. What you are doing at this point is simply adding drainage holes to your lawn, which means the wet spots should go away very soon.

  1. Make Sure Your Lawn Is Fed Properly

Next, you’ll want to “feed” your lawn so that it starts to get healthier. If it’s spring time at this point, you can go ahead and buy some fertilizer to sprinkle on the lawn, a step you should forego if it’s fall. This will give your yard the nutrients it needs to begin to grow again. During this step, you may also have to reseed the lawn to get it growing right again, since leaving extra-long grass in place for too long can damage the lawn and make it harder to start growing again. By fertilizing the lawn, it will start to look lush and green much sooner, which brings you one step closer to your goal of a beautiful lawn.

Miscellaneous Tips

The trick to this process is to trim, cut, then maintain the lawn in steps so that you aren’t trying to go from having extra-long grass one minute to very short grass the next. It has to be done in steps, which means never cutting more than one-third of your grass at a time. In addition, these suggestions work best when you do them in the spring or summer months. Cutting and trimming long grass during the winter months will put too much stress on the grass and it may not respond well. Before you get started, make sure your lawn mower’s blade is sharp because if it isn’t, you’ll have a very hard time trudging through the grass with each of these steps.

Even if your lawn has been unkempt for a while, you can get it looking great again in no time, but it’s always going to be a bit slow because you can’t do it all at once. If you use a mulch collector, you can redistribute the mulch across the lawn to help it get healthier quicker. You should also check your lawn mower regularly when trying to get rid of long grass because electric mowers can overheat and gas mowers can become too heavy and even start to stall. After all, this type of mowing is hard on your lawn mower, so you should check it frequently to make sure it isn’t having any problems.

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