How to cut grass without a lawn mower?

If you have a lawn but you’re not crazy about
the idea of mowing the grass every weekend to keep it looking good, there is
good news. When it comes to keeping your grass looking its best without firing
up the lawn mower weekly, you do have options. You may decide not to use the
lawn mower because you aren’t as healthy as you used to be, or because you
simply don’t enjoy mowing anymore. 

Whatever the reason, and whether your garden is
large or small, you can forego the mowing hassles if you know how, and there
are, in fact, a lot of solutions that help you do just that. They include the

1.       Buy a Few Goats

Okay, this option won’t work for everyone
because there is upkeep when it comes to having goats in your garden, but goats have voracious appetites and therefore will eat everything in sight – including
your grass. Much like cattle, which of course you cannot put in your garden,
goats eat constantly. There is a downside, of course, because goats don’t
always eat a large portion of your garden, which means this option works best
when your garden is small or average in size. It also works best if you live in
a rural area of town, because many cities and metropolitan areas don’t allow
these types of animals to be kept domestically. Still, if you love animals and
don’t want to mow your lawn that often, goats can help you achieve that goal.

2.       Use Hedge Trimmers Instead

These are similar to string trimmers or weed
whackers, and they are specifically designed to cut large portions of grass at
a time, which makes them perfect for getting rid of the grass in your garden.
They look much like chainsaws and do a lot of the same things, and they can
even eliminate bushes and shrubs quickly and easily. The only downside to using
hedge trimmers is that they can be very dangerous while you’re using them, so
it is recommended that you take all of the necessary precautions before you
start to use them. The good side of using hedge trimmers is that you can
quickly go from cutting the grass to trimming shrubs without switching out your
tools, and it makes the job super fast every time.

3.       Use a Scythe Instead

A scythe has a 12-inch serrated blade, and to
operate the tool you merely swing it in a rhythmic motion. In fact, that is the
key to successfully using a scythe, and to do it right, all you have to do is
stay low to the ground and swing low. If you’ve never used one of these tools
before, not to worry because they are easier to learn than you think. It works
best if you decide beforehand which areas of your garden you want cut and which
areas you want left alone, and it may take a little practice to get it just
right. But these tools do an amazing job every time, so they’re worth trying if
you have a smaller garden.

4.       Plant Something Else in Place of the Grass

To eliminate the need to mow your garden every
week, you can also plant other items there to replace the grass. Planting herbs
can work great, as can planting trees and shrubs that cover the grass so that
you no longer have to keep it short. In fact, you can plant almost anything
there, and if you need some suggestions because you’re not sure what will work
best in your garden, you can check with the professionals at your local nursery
and they can help you decide what to plant.

5.       Buy Some Chickens

Much like goats, chickens love to eat the
grass in your garden. You can use chickens one of two ways. First, you can
fence in your garden and let them have the run of the place, which is perhaps
the easiest way to do this. Second, you can give them movable pens so that they
eat around their pen for a while, then they can be moved to another location
where they start the process all over again. Chickens are more effective at
getting rid of grass than you think, and besides, they’re simply a more
all-natural way to do this. You will have to feed and take care of the
chickens, of course, but this is still a great way to keep your grass short
without any effort on your part.

6.       Use an Edging Machine Instead

Edgers can make cutting the grass in your
garden fairly fast and super simple. They are, in fact, a very popular
gardening tool used by lots of professionals in the field. Edgers are easy to
use and can edge fairly quickly, and it can save you from having to bend down
to the ground or get on your knees just to get the job done correctly. You can
even use an edger to trim hedges as you work, making these tools very valuable
indeed. You’ll have to shop around to get the best edger for your particular
garden, but this is a great alternative to standard mowing machines.

7.       Try Using String Trimmers to Get the Job

String trimmers are usually lightweight –
certainly lighter than a lawn mower – and they can work much faster than you
might think. The only thing you have to watch is the dampness of the grass,
because if the grass is too damp or wet, you can get an uneven cut in the end.
Plus, it is simply much easier to use a string trimmer when the grass is dry.
Make sure the trimmer’s head is low to the ground before you start, then just
swing from side to side, first in a small area then enlarging the area once you
get more comfortable with the tool. Remember, these trimmers work quickly, so
you’ll need to move fast from one section to another, but they are great tools
to have around when you’re interested in keeping your grass short but don’t
wish to use a typical lawn mower.



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