Gardening with Back Pain? Try these garden tools

Don’t let your back problems get in the way of your gardening goals. There may not be a simple tool to fix your back but there are some simple garden tools for bad backs that can make your gardening experience enjoyable again. Feel empowered in the garden again with these simple gardening tools and tips. 

Kneeling Pads

The first thing to avoid is having to bend over every time you are fixing a plant or rummaging around in the soil. To prevent this you should consider a kneeling pad to rest your knees on as you work low to the ground. A kneeling pad is something you will use over and over again so be sure to get one that is nice and thick and durable.

I consider kneeling pads to be a necessity of any gardener but it is an especially good tool for gardeners with back problems. Protect your knees and your back with a comfortable kneeling pad.

Extension Grabber

An extra-long grabbing tool can be a lifesaver for your back when you drop something just out of reach and your back really can’t take the extra movement. An extension grabbing tool is amazing for picking up loose weeds, trimmings, tools, and more. Don’t make your back do all the work when you can easily use an extension grabber to reach things. This tool will quickly become an essential item in your gardening inventory.

Garden Chairs

Another good tool is a lightweight and small chair that you can easily move around and sit on that will bring you low to the ground and reduce strain on your back. Consider getting a gardening chair that has wheels so you can easily move around. A garden chair is great for working on the garden but it also gives you a comfortable place to rest and take a break between strenuous work. Resting your back is important to prevent further strain. A garden chair will remind you to take small breaks while you are working to keep you and your back happy.

Raised Garden Beds

If you are just starting your garden or thinking of remodeling it, you should really consider using raised garden beds. Raised garden beds can make gardening a whole lot easier for people who deal with back pain. Instead of bending over all the time, the soil is right at your preferred height for easy access and quick maintenance. A raised garden bed also has a beautiful look that will make your garden more accessible and put together. 

Gardening Work Table

Along with a raised garden bed, you also need a gardening work table to do other gardening work so you aren’t bent over on the ground. A work table is good for working with small potted plants when you are doing maintenance, repotting plants, pruning, and more. A work table is a perfect place for planting seeds in a starter pot, holding your work tools, seeds, and more. You won’t realize how much you need a table by your garden until you get out there and find yourself setting everything you have on the ground. 

Garden Cart

Are you having trouble moving around heavy bags of soil, or large plants? A good garden tool to make moving heavy items easier is a wheelbarrow or an even easier to move small wagon. An easy to pull garden cart can make your life easy and less painful on your back. Don’t carry a heavy bag of soil all over the garden when you can smoothly pull a garden cart at ease. 

Gardening Apron 

Don’t leave your hand tools lying around where you have to keep bending over to pick them up again. Keep your small hand tools and gloves in your apron pockets. Invest in a heavy-duty apron that you can use just for gardening with large pockets and thick protective material. A thin fabric might be cut or ripped by garden shears or shovels so be sure to pick a sturdy fabric. 

Weed Remover

A no bend automatic weed remover is a perfect tool for removing those pesky weeds without having to bend over and pull them out. I recommend this tool for all gardeners with stubborn hard to pull weeds. Operated by a foot pedal and an easy push of twist motion can remove even the toughest weeds. This is a lot quicker and easier than using your hands to yank a weed out. The weed removers even remove the roots of the weed which can help prevent the weed from growing back later. There are also weed removers that scrape the surface of the dirt to remove young weeds. 

Supportive Back Brace

If your back needs some extra support consider a back brace to wear while you garden. A back brace is a great protective measure to keep your back and mind at ease while you work. The support can help you keep good posture and prevent overusage. 

Correct Back Posture and Technique!

Even with the best tools, you have to practice proper back posture to protect your back and prevent further strain and pain. It is worth learning the correct posture to save yourself future pain. Watch some videos on proper gardening posture and techniques so you are prepared. Another important tool is stretching beforehand. It is important to warm up your body and improve your flexibility even before you garden. It is better to be safe than sorry, stretching and practicing good posture can really improve your gardening experience. 

Back problems and pain doesn’t have to limit your hobbies and outdoor time. Getting outside to move around ad breathe fresh air is beneficial for everyone. Feeling the earth in your hands and helping plants grow is a healing practice for your mind and body. With the right garden tools for bad backs, you can keep gardening and enjoy your time outside with nature. Don’t let your back pain keep you from what you love to do. 

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