Electric Lawn Mowers Quick Guide: Are They Any good?

Everything you need to know about an electric lawn mower. 

If you want a clean and tidy house, cleaning just the inside isn’t enough. Sometimes, you might have to stand underneath the scorching heat to mow the lush-green lawn or pay an exorbitant amount to someone for doing the mowing work. 

In this situation, the very first thing that might pop in your mind is getting an electric lawn mower. Yet, you might also find yourself in a dilemma and think, “Are lawn mowers any good?” 

Well, to help you out of this, we shall help you find a clear answer to this question by the time you reach the end of this article. So, keep reading!

What is the Use of a Lawn Mower?

Before you start looking for an electric lawn mower, it is necessary to know what work it does exactly. 

As the name suggests, a lawn mower helps in cutting your garden’s grass in an even length. Now, there are two types of lawn mowers available such as: 

Electric Lawn Mowers

Electric lawn mowers are more modern and work on electricity. (either battery operated or plug-in) They are easy to use, store, and maintain. 

Gas Lawn Mowers

Gas lawn mowers are traditional lawn mowers and work on gas. Gas lawn They might get complicated and require more maintenance and care compared to electric ones. 

However, you need to keep in mind that electric lawn mower might only work efficiently if you buy it from a trusted brand. You should also know how to use it or it might pose some risks. 

When Should You Get an Electric Lawn Mower? 

You might want to consider buying an electric lawn mower if your requirement matches the below criteria. 

You Want a Lawn Mower for a Small Garden

If you’re thinking of getting an electric lawn mower, you need to know that they aren’t well-suited for huge lawns and gardens. 

Electric lawn mowers are great for houses with a small and limited garden. The reason is if you have a huge lawn and you’re going for a battery-operated electric lawn mower, you would need to have a lot of batteries. This might get quite expensive. 

You Want an Effortless and Low-Maintenance Option

Electric lawn mowers are the best option for those who lead busy lifestyles and don’t have extra time to spend on lawn mowing. 

Additionally, if you don’t want high maintenance lawn mowers such as a gas one that requires frequent cleaning then too, electric lawn mowers are an ideal option.

You Want a Noise-Free Lawn Mower

A lot of people might not stand the noise of lawn mowing machines. If you’re one of them, you might want to consider investing in an electric lawn mower. 

Along with being easy to use and maintain, such lawn mowers do not make disturbing noises that might  cause a huge headache. 

You Want an Eco-Friendly Option

Electric lawn mowers do not require gas and thus, are an eco-friendly option for those looking for sustainability. 

You just need some batteries for cordless electric lawn mowers or a power source for plug-in ones. 

Limitations of Electric Lawn Mowers

There aren’t a lot of limitations when it comes to electric lawn mowers. However, some are listed below. 

  • Plug-in electric lawn mowers might cause trouble if you have a huge backyard and limit the mobility
  • Buying batteries for cordless electric lawn mowers might get expensive
  • They might get expensive compared to gas lawn mowers 
  • As they are electric-based, some risks are involved

Risks Involved In Electric Lawn Mower 

There are some risks you might have to consider before switching to an electric Lawn Mower. 

Here are the most common dangers:

Shock Risks

Any lawn mower that has to be plugged in a socket poses shock risks. They require long extension cords which might get tangled or cut. This might expose you and your loved ones to electric shocks. 

Debris Problems 

It is very risky to use battery-powered lawn mowers in case of debris strikes. Since the batteries are sensitive to high temperatures and damage, they might end up exploding or causing fires. 

Debris, such as small sticks or rocks, might expose you to danger. That’s why you need to make sure there is no debris around before you start mowing. You might also use secure battery housing to stay safe. 

Overheating Battery

Cordless electric lawn mowers pose a risk of overheating batteries. There have been incidents when the battery overheated to the point that it exploded. 

This risk does not only arise with lawn mowers, but with all other battery-powered gadgets. 

If your battery is overcharged, over-discharged, crushed, damaged, etc., it might get overheated and end up exploding. So, you might need to stay cautious and keep checking if there is any damage to the battery. 

Rolling Over 

It is not advisable to mow while going uphill. If the lawn mower slipped and rolled over, it might cause serious injuries. 

The electric lawn mower has an additional weight from the battery which makes it even more dangerous. It might get out of control and result in an unpleasant outcome. 

How to Deal With the Dangers?

Here are a few tips that might help you get over the dangers of electric lawn mowers: 

Retractable Cord

Using an electric lawn mower with a retractable cord might help you avoid the risks of loose cords. Loose cords might get tangled, cut, and expose you to live wires. They might also make you trip or fall. 

On the other hand, a retractable cord might help you get rid of all of these dangers. 

No Kids Allowed 

Mowing is not safe for young children. They might end up getting an electric shock or a serious injury. 

So, never allow children to use the lawn mower until they are old enough to know how to use it properly and be responsible. 

Invest in Quality

When you spend a little bit of extra money for a high-quality electric lawn mower, you are essentially investing in the safety of you and your family. 

A high-quality machine would be durable and strong to last long. It would also come with extra safety measures. 

Final Thoughts: Are Electric Lawn Mowers Any Good? 

So, here’s the final answer to your question: Yes, electric lawn mowers are definitely a great option if you buy a good-quality one, know how to use it safely, and are ready to spend a particular amount. 

However, if you have a huge lawn and a small budget, an electric lawn mower might not be the best option for you. 

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